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More Fun Comics 73 Cbr 600

More Fun Comics 73 Cbr 600


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rosie123 Loading.Newbie�Join: 19-09-2013, Post: 17 30-01-2014 18:55 30-01-2014 18:55 I was trying to download Archie 114-120 and the sendsapce link is dead can you plz reupload . Mrs. 2014-01-30T18:55:48 07:00 Multi Quote Quote#1374 Loading. 215 Ink 451 Abstract Studios Action Lab Danger Zone Aftershock Albatross Alessandro Editore Alterna American Gothic American Mythology Andrews McMeel Publishing Antarctic Approbation Archie Comics Dark Circle Aspen Asylum Press Atlas Avatar Boundless Benitez Productions Big Dog Ink Black Mask Bongo Boom! Studios Archaia Boom Box! kaboom! Boundless BroadSword Comics Bubble Caliber Calibre Campfire Cartoon Books CBLDF Chaos! Chapter House Charlton Cinebook Comics Experience Cryptozoic Darby Pop Dark Horse Delcourt-Soleil Dell Devils Due Disney Comics Double Take Dynamite Eclipse ecomics Europe Comics Fantagraphics Fawcett First Second Fleetway Glenat Gold Key Graphic India Harvey Heavy Metal Hero Heroic Publishing Hit Comics Humanoids IDW Inverse Jet City Joe Hill Keenspot Kodansha Comics Legendary Lion Force Lucha Magnetic Press Malibu Adventure Eternity Markosia Millsverse Mirage Monkeybrain NBM Nevermind Octopus Oni Press Pacific Papercutz Quality Radical Rebellion Red 5 Red Giant Entertainment Rivenis RT3 Ruby Press Scholastic Graphix Anime Summer 2016 Anime Manga Donate Requests Log In . 2 #4 7 $210 110 Startling Comics 2 5 $225 111 Thrilling Comics 4 2.5 $60 112 Tip Top Comics 42 4.5 $40 113 Uncle Sam Quarterly 4 5.5 $275 114 Thrilling Comics 6 6 $150 115 Smash Comics 13 5 $190 116 Popular Comics 66 9 $160 117 Target Comics V. According to Sam, the Black Knight has just attacked him and is now leaving the building; Johnny chases and catches the knight but gets punched out and abducted. Almoz, and Mr. klatuuB Loading.Kaskus Donator�Join: 04-03-2007, Post: 18,626 12-02-2014 11:37 12-02-2014 11:37 Code:Beano 1577 (1972-10-07) 1577 (1972-10-07).cbz Code:Daffy Duck 046 (Gold Key 1966) (c2c) Duck 046 (Gold Key 1966) (c2c).cbz Code:Famous Funnies 013 (1935) (c2c) (KaineZ) Funnies 013 (1935) (c2c) (KaineZ).cbrCode:Famous Funnies 044 (1938) (INC 61 of 68 pgs) (L246) Funnies 044 (1938) (INC 61 of 68 pgs) (L246).cbr Code:Fast Willie Jackson 006 (Fitzgerald 1977) (c2c) Willie Jackson 006 (Fitzgerald 1977) (c2c).cbz Code:Friendly Ghost, Casper 001-008 (1958) (Invisible White Rabbit).rar Ghost, Casper 001-008 (1958) (Invisible White Rabbit).rarCode:Friendly Ghost, Casper 009-010,012-015 (1958) (Invisible White Rabbit).rar Ghost, Casper 009-010,012-015 (1958) (Invisible White Rabbit).rar Code:Joe Palooka Comics 005 (Harvey 1946) (c2c 52p) (Builderboy) Palooka Comics 005 (Harvey 1946) (c2c 52p) (Builderboy).cbz Code:Marge's Little Lulu 199 (Gold Key 1971) (c2c) Little Lulu 199 (Gold Key 1971) (c2c).cbz Code:Menomonee Falls Gazette 151 (1974-11-04) (c2c) (PeteThePIPster) Falls Gazette 151 (1974-11-04) (c2c) (PeteThePIPster).cbzCode:Menomonee Falls Gazette 152 (1974-11-11) (c2c) (PeteThePIPster) Falls Gazette 152 (1974-11-11) (c2c) (PeteThePIPster).cbz Code:Pat the Brat 028 (1958) (c2c) the Brat 028 (1958) (c2c).cbz Code:Pep 193 (1966) (c2c) (trango) 193 (1966) (c2c) (trango).cbr Code:Popeye the Sailor 150 (Whitman 1979) (c2c) the Sailor 150 (Whitman 1979) (c2c).cbz Code:Popeye v2 005 (Harvey 1994) (c2c) (GreenGiant-DCP) v2 005 (Harvey 1994) (c2c) (GreenGiant-DCP).cbr Code:Quick Draw McGraw 007 (Charlton 1971) (c2c) Draw McGraw 007 (Charlton 1971) (c2c).cbz Code:She's Josie 005 (1964) (c2c) (trango) Josie 005 (1964) (c2c) (trango).cbr Code:TV Comic 0522 (1961-12-16) (re-edit) Comic 0522 (1961-12-16) (re-edit).cbz Code:Uncle Scrooge 100 (1972) (c2c) (Jojo) Scrooge 100 (1972) (c2c) (Jojo).cbr 2014-02-12T11:37:40 07:00 Multi Quote Quote#1378 Loading. Aquamans real name is Aquaman, per page 4, panel 3, his father: My son is a true dweller of the deep his name shall be Aquaman. Who" Writers Gardner Fox Pencilers Howard Sherman Inkers Howard Sherman Editors Mort Weisinger Green Arrow: "Case of the Namesake Murders" Writers Mort Weisinger Pencilers George Papp Inkers George Papp Editors Mort Weisinger Radio Squad: "Murder Takes the Spotlight" Pencilers Chad Grothkopf Inkers Chad Grothkopf Editors Mort Weisinger Johnny Quick: "The Black Knight" Writers Mort Weisinger Pencilers Ed Moore Inkers Chad Grothkopf Editors Mort Weisinger Clip Carson: "Secret Mission in Honduras" Pencilers George Papp Inkers George Papp Editors Mort Weisinger The Spectre: "The Vanishing Menaces" Writers Jerry Siegel Pencilers Bernard Baily Inkers Bernard Baily Editors Mort Weisinger Aquaman: "The Submarine Strikes" Writers Mort Weisinger Pencilers Paul Norris Inkers Paul Norris Editors Mort Weisinger Previous Issue Next Issue More Fun Comics # 72 More Fun Comics # 74 This'll stop him . Will Doctor Fate be there to face him? THE END" Appearing in Green Arrow: "Case of the Namesake Murders" Featured Characters: Green Arrow (a vigilante) (First appearance) Supporting Characters: Speedy (Green Arrow's sidekick) (First appearance) Villains: Ezra Samson (an embezzler and murderer) (Only appearance; dies) Mugsy Smith (a hoodlum) Other Characters: Amos Socrates (a History Club member) Anthony Caesar (a History Club member) (Only appearance; dies) Frank D'Arcy (a History Club member) George Lincoln (a History Club member) (Only appearance; dies) John Hale (a History Club member) (Only appearance; dies) Leonard Achilles (a History Club member) (Only appearance; dies) Locations: Manhattan Items: bows and arrows (no trick arrows) Vehicles: Arrowplane (Green Arrow's automobile) (First appearance) Synopsis for Green Arrow: "Case of the Namesake Murders" Green Arrow and Speedy, armed with conventional arrows, and equipped with a super-streamlined powerful car called the "Arrowplane", uncover the identity of a cunning murderer, and take him down in time to save most of the threatened members of "the famous History Club." The villain, Ezra Samson, dies in a high-speed hot-pursuit car crash, when Green Arrow punctures a tire, causing Samson's car to crash through a barrier and off an embankment. 2 #7 5.5 $90 131 Target Comics V. In later issues, his hair color changes to blond. Article Continues Below CBR Videos 10 Secret Captain America Facts Marvel Movies Will Never Show You Watch More Original Videos 10 Secret Captain America Facts Marvel Movies Will Never Show You Watch More I might have to if someone doesnt get him back on the line soon, the buyer joked.


He would ride his bike to deliver telegrams, and once in a while he had to do singing telegrams. Aquaman arrives and tows this boat away from the scene at an incredible speed. On the pier, the captain and his boss run away to hide in the base arsenal, and as Aquaman is about to batter down the door, the sub-captains boss manages to drop a hammer onto his head, knocking him senseless. Code:Archie's Pal Juhead Comics v2 209 (2011) (c2c) (GreenBlast-DCP) Thank you KlatuuB . The space-folding ray is activated and both men are transported to a distant ocean, both plummet into it, and both die, before the Spectre can interfere. According to these guys, Black Knight is the real name of a formerly-wealthy art collector, who had gotten screwed over in a high-stakes art transaction, by another art collector, Sam Kirby, who turns out to also be a member of this club, and who runs into the room at this moment, with a small broken statue. Help us to help you and the others :) Popular Recent Archieves Archieves Select Month September 2016 (322) August 2016 (462) July 2016 (515) June 2016 (486) May 2016 (465) April 2016 (491) March 2016 (516) February 2016 (455) January 2016 (484) December 2015 (439) November 2015 (427) October 2015 (508) September 2015 (442) August 2015 (276) July 2015 (396) June 2015 (440) May 2015 (454) April 2015 (387) March 2015 (303) February 2015 (336) January 2015 (164) . Gomez walked away from the auction with an issue of Popular Comics #84 graded at 5.5 that sold for $60. He modifies an ordinary radio set to create an electrical disturbance which paralyzes the Black Knight, which turns out to be a radio-controlled electronic robot, and which was used by Sam Kirby in a plot to conceal his theft of some very expensive statues. Log in Sign up Pinterest The worlds catalog of ideas Search . A purple haze had formed around him, and suddenly he was thousands of miles away. Note : The files contain incomplete issue. Across from them was Ryan Iwansky, of Here are some of the reader apps that i can recommend : YAC Reader (Win, OSX, Linux, iOS), ComicRack (Win, Android, iOS), CDisplayEx. Aquaman names neither of his parents in this telling, noting only that his mother had died when he was a baby, that his father had used a hundred scientific secrets to enable him to draw oxygen from the water, and to develop his speed and strength and mental powers, and then had himself died also. The Black Knight has stayed on the scene, to properly gloat, and theres a second fistfight, which Johnny isnt really winning, until a nearby lightning strike interferes with the knights motor skills, but the knight quickly recovers and uses a trapdoor to drop Johnny into a lower level of his dungeon, into an elaborate hall of mirrors. In fact a large number of wild animals are suddenly running amok through the city. 2014-01-22T10:57:27 07:00 Multi Quote Quote#1372 Loading. With all the different parties, some technical difficulties had to be expected. f901c92b44

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